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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Images are for representation purpose only. Actual product size and configuration available may differ from those shown. For specific size and model, please refer to the manufacturer website using MPN (manufacturer part number shown in description).-The K&N AirForce pre-cleaner is a specially designed foam filter wrap made to extend the service interval of your K&N air filter when used in very dusty conditions. The AirForce pre-cleaner is designed to be cleaned with K&N cleaner or soap & water. Red colored AirForce pre-cleaners are oiled with K&N air filter oil after they are cleaned. They are made from large, open cell foam. Gray colored AirForce pre-cleaners do not use oil. They have smaller foam cells. - Extends service interval of your filter in very dusty conditions | Large open cell foam Construction stops 90% of dirt with very low air restriction | Cleanable with K&N filter cleaner or soap and water | This product wraps your air filter with an additional pre-filter - K&N Air Filter Extreme Duty Precleaner Wrap 11.5in Height x 6.5in Diameter - Black - 024844366153