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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Images are for representation purpose only. Actual product size and configuration available may differ from those shown. For specific size and model, please refer to the manufacturer website using MPN (manufacturer part number shown in description).-These Nitride COMP Cams High Energy steel stud mount rocker arms designed for Chevy V8 265-400 applications feature a 3/8 inches stud diameter and 1.6 ratio. High Energy rockers help eliminate the noise and slop associated with older worn and high mileage stock rocker arms. With a long slot for higher than stock lift camshafts, these rocker arms are an excellent replacement choice for engine rebuilds. These rockers have been nitride to increase surface hardness for improved initial and long-term wear characteristics. The nitriding process increases hardness by causing an infusion of nitrogen molecules into the material’s surface. This improves both the lubricity and wear resistance of the material. - For Small Block Chevy applications with 3/8 inches studs; 1.6 Ratio | Nitride rocker arms designed for higher spring pressures and hardened pushrods | Nitriding increases hardness, improving durability and longevity | Help to eliminate noise and slop associated with worn or high mileage stock rocker arms | Include adjusting nuts and pivot balls - SBC Hi-Energy R/A's - 3/8 Stud 1.6 Ratio - 036584206514